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Vince and I watched Oliver Stone's JFK once or twice every year. I don't know why, but it never gets old. I stumbled upon a podcast claiming a "unique theory" of the sequence of bullets. I guess I'd never realized how ridiculously idiotic the Warren Commission's version of events really was, but this was it:

- 1st bullet completely misses the entire car, hits a concrete curb and a piece of either the bullet or concrete cuts James Tague's cheek. (The first shot should have been the most accurate.)

- The 2nd bullet was the so-called "magic bullet", going through Kennedy's back and neck and Connelly's torso and wrist.

- The 3rd bullet blows off the back of Kennedy's head in such a fashion to cause his entire body to launch back and to the left. Brain, blood, and skull fragments were ejected 20 feet to the left of of the limousine allegedly from this shot.

I've never read or looked into Gerald Posner's defense of the Warren Report, Case Closed, but the podcast I listened to thought Posner was right about almost everything except for the bullet sequence. The unique theory was:

- 1st bullet hit in Kennedy in the back. This was the bullet found mostly intact as it penetrated 3/4" or so. Stand in front of a mirror, and pretend you've just been hit by something in the throat, and clutch at your throat. Compare what your arms do to what Kennedy does in the Zapruder film. He wasn't reaching for his throat - I think he was reaching for his back, but his suit coat prevented him maybe.

- The 2nd bullet hit Connelly and the 3rd bullet hit JFK in the head. All from the school book depository.

The podcaster later went on to say that this was the FBI's initial determination of bullet sequence (so much for being unique...) and suggested to Gerald Posner that they get the magic bullet DNA tested. Posner of course didn't like that idea.

Anyways, I watched some youtube videos and ordered Josiah Thompson's most recent book "One Second in Dallas". I'm just curious as to what you've read or what you think on the topic. Also, why did Trump not release the rest of the documents?

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