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While Trump is not guilty of anything and the trial was a sham of justice with it's only purpose being that of keeping Trump from running for Prezzy in 2024, in the aggregate it means nothing. The commies are gonna do what commies do...destroy everything in their path.

If you think Trump is gonna save the republic, good luck with that. He may stop the carnage intermittently or slow it down, but what happens after 2028? Unless the globalists are put down by 2030, a new and revised un-united state of non-America will emerge. And it won't be a totalitarian train wreck for long.

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I’m not convinced Trump can save the Republic at this point—I’m not sure ANYONE or ANYTHING can save it, or even if there’s enough of the original Republic left to be worth saving.

I am convinced that Trump is our last, best shot at salvaging this mess. Realistically, all he may be able to do is slow the slide and set us up for what comes next—which will NOT be pretty or pleasant for some time to come.

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